Alternative Medicine News – June 2, 2014

Jonathan Wright MD
Berberine Tackles Diabetes, High Cholesterol

Often you will find herbal medicine beats drugs.

A case in point is the herbal extract berberine. It is present in a number of Chinese medicines.

The extract itself has been shown to work as well as the diabetes drug, Metformin. And because it is natural, it has a much lower chance of side effects. If that were all, it would be a great option.

But diabetics also commonly have high levels of cholesterol. Berberine also lowers cholesterol.

Dr. Jonathan Wright gives you the details here.

Health Freedom
Hand Soaps Can Promote Bacteria

If you use anti-bacterial soap, you will want to see this.

The active ingredient in these soaps is triclosan. Recent research has shown a specific bacteria is more common when people are exposed to it.

Ironically, there is little evidence that triclosan soaps are any more effective at reducing bacteria. Plain soap works just as well. And plain soap is often more cost-effective.

There is more to this story. The exact bacteria involved as well as the reason this happens is in the story here.

Al Sears
Perfect Prostate Protection

No man wants to worry about his prostate, especially prostate cancer.

Dr. Al Sears talks about a Harvard study that discovered one nutrient that protects the prostate. The more a man got, the healthier his prostate.

The nutrient? Selenium.

It was so effective that it lowered the risk of prostate cancer by 50%. And the Harvard study wasn’t the only one to find this.

How did selenium work?

  • It suppressed tumors.
  • It killed cancer cells.
  • It protected cells.
  • It helped cells work better and stay young.

Learn more about this amazing nutrient in the article. You will also find out the best natural sources of it. The article is here.

Bottom Line
Coconut Oil Is Good For You

You have probably heard that coconut oil is bad for you. But is it?

The answer is, “yes and no.”

Let me explain.

The original research damning coconut oil used the hydrogenated oil. As it turns out, any hydrogenated oil is hard on your health. That’s because it contains trans fats. Trans fats increase heart risk.

But what about natural coconut oil? That’s a different story. There are at least 4 major benefits to making part of your diet. Part of these benefits are due to coconut oils high amount of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs boost energy and metabolism.

Learn the 4 major health benefits of natural coconut oil at this link.

Mother Jones
BPA Free Plastics Are NOT Necessarily Safe

You have probably heard about the danger of BPA. BPA is in some plastics used for food and drink. It mimics the hormone estrogen. It also is linked to serious health problems.

But are BPA-free plastics any better? Probably not.

It was the public demand for alternatives that led to these alternatives. One of these, Tritan, was touted as safe. But the results of testing were not reported. When tested, these products leached 72% synthetic estrogens. This is definitely not a safe amount.

Learn the story behind BPA, as well as non-BPA plastics here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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