Alternative Medicine News – January 7, 2013

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The New Nutrient That Boosts Brain Power

You may not have heard of citicoline. It is a natural chemical found in cells. These include brain cells.

Early studies show that citicoline (also called CDP-choline) improves memory and attention. The studies were done with seniors with mild-to-moderate memory loss. It also helped people with dementia caused by small strokes recover some brain functions.

A new study is the first to examine the compound’s effects on healthy middle-aged people. And the results are promising. It reduced “spacing out” in participants.

The best food source for this is organ meats. But you can also take it as a supplement. For dosage and other details, check out the article here.

Balance Point Blog
Sugar Consumption a ‘Public Health Crisis’ Aggravated by GM Sugar Beets

Sugar, especially when over eaten, is damaging to health.

You can compare its effects to many other white, powdered substances. Heroin, cocaine and meth come to mind.

Now there is another concern about sugar. Recently, the FDA approved use of GMO sugar beets. And, of course, you won’t be able to tell if you are eating sugar from this source. Why? Because it isn’t required to label the source of your food.

One more reason to avoid sugar.

This is a great short article that includes some of the most important reasons to avoid sugar. The author is a pediatric specialist at UCSF. You can read more here.

Green Med Info
Reishi: The Brilliant Mushroom

Reishi is a Chinese herb with some amazing properties. Here is a highlight list of some of them:

  • effectively treats various liver disorders
  • improves chronic kidney dysfunction
  • improves recovery time for herpes outbreaks
  • decreases urinary tract infections in men with enlarged prostates
  • inhibits liver tumors and prevents metastasis
  • prevents chemically-induced liver fibrosis
  • inhibits leukemia cells from forming
  • protects against pathological changes in Parkinson’s patients
  • protects against radiation and chemotherapy toxicity
  • treats Sjögren syndrome
  • speeds healing of stomach ulcers
  • has anti-diabetic effects
  • has anti-aging effects
  • suppresses the growth of prostate cells thus preventing enlargement
  • reverses resistance to drug-sensitivity and drug-resistance in those with lung cancer
  • prevents inflammatory responses
  • treats and prevents Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • increases death of leukemia cells
  • inhibits such viruses as HIV and Epstein-Barr
  • has anti-cancer effects including for bladder, prostate, liver, ovarian, breast, and melanomas

Wow. Quite a list.

Green Med Info has details on the best types of Reishi to take. It also has links to research showing each of the effects listed above. See the article here.

Balance Point Blog
Organic: Food Justice for the 99% – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

In case any of you haven’t seen the news, all is not well in Oz. Dr. Oz, that is.

He authored a front-page article in the recent Time magazine titled, “What To Eat Now”. In it he calls organic food elitist and says local farmer’s markets are a waste of time and money.

What next Mehmet? GMOs are good for you?

You have to be a subscriber to Time to read the whole thing. Fortunately, the Cornucopia Institute has published a rebuttal on their site. It includes relevant excerpts from the Time piece.

You’ll find the article here.

Natural Society
5 Natural Cognition and Brain Boosters

Here is an interesting list of foods that boost brain function.

Of course when you see such a list, remember that each person is unique. That means not every food will be right for you. But in general, they all have proven brain boosting benefits.

To save suspense, here is the list:

  1. Walnuts
  2. Blueberries
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Coffee
  5. Water

Not an earth-shattering list, to be sure. And coffee isn’t for everyone. I did find it interesting that water made the list.

Get the details of why each of these helps your brain here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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