Alternative Medicine News – January 13, 2014

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How To Fix Muscle Loss As You Age

Muscle wasting is common with aging.

Some of this is due to lack of exercise. But simply getting older can be a problem all by itself. And it can lead to serious problems, even death.

How do you fight this muscle loss?

There are nutrients that will help, as well as specific types of exercise you can do.

And you are never too young to start preventing this problem.

Learn how here.

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Memories Get Passed Down Through Generations

Most people have heard of diseases passed down from parents. The process is related to DNA and genetics.

But not only physical problems can be caused this way. Mental and emotional problems can be passed down through the genes.

Researchers have found evidence that genes carry and pass on experiences. That means if your parents or grandparents had certain experiences, you can inherit the results of those experiences.

This is a new area of exploration into the cause of disease. And it may explain why children often have similar emotional problems as their birth parents. This can happen even when they are adopted and never meet their natural parents.

Learn more about this here.

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Is Organic Really Better?

The short answer? Yes, they are.

But why?

One example is the list of things that can show up in conventional foods, but not in organics. For example:

  • antibiotics
  • artificial growth hormones
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • artificial dyes (made from coal tar and petrochemicals)
  • artificial sweeteners derived from chemicals
  • synthetically created chemical pesticide and fertilizers
  • genetically engineered proteins and ingredients
  • sewage sludge
  • irradiation

Hmmm… sewage sludge? I hope not.

Here is a very good article that gives you the inside information. You will learn why organic is better and how to make sure you are getting the real thing.

Find it here.

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How Healthy Is Your Ice Cream?

Almost everybody likes ice cream.

Unfortunately, many brands of ice cream have problem ingredients. Some of these are toxic.

This article lists the most common “extra” ingredients. It also shows you why they are a bad idea to eat.

You’ll also get the inside scoop on the difference between cheap and premium brands of ice cream. It might surprise you how some manufacturers cut costs.

If you want to eat quality ice cream, but don’t want to pay premium prices, you can always make your own. The article even has a recipe for natural ice cream.

Learn all about it here.

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MSG Lurks As A Slow Poison In Common Food Items Without Your Knowledge

MSG is toxic to your brain.

Why? Because it acts to overly excite nerve cells.

But if you want to avoid it, you might have a hard time doing so. It hides behind dozens of names. These include natural flavoring and yeast extract. At the moment, there is no requirement to list MSG as an ingredient in thousands of foods.

Learn the dangers of this food additive in this well-written article. You will also find a great list of ingredients that have or likely have MSG in them.

Take a look at the article here.

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