Alternative Medicine News – February 3, 2014

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Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Successfully Treated with Chinese Herbs

One of the most common liver diseases is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It is so common that 1 in 10 non-drinkers has it.

Who gets it? If you are overweight or have insulin resistance you are more likely to get it. People with metabolic syndrome can also get it. Symptoms may include fatigue, malaise, and dull right-upper-quadrant abdominal discomfort.

Now researchers have found that there is a Chinese herbal formula that heals this disease. The formula is called Jiang Zi Granules. It is a relatively simple formula with only 5 herbs in it.

Those who took this formula in the study had three times the healing in their livers than those that didn’t. That’s a big difference.

You can find out more in this fascinating article here.

The Unhealthiest of “Health Foods”

The idea of “health foods” has been around a long time. But what does it mean?

In reality, there is a relative scale of foods when it comes to health. For example, most people would agree that a candy bar isn’t healthy. It might be on the lowest part of the healthy food scale. And many people would say that fresh, organic vegetables would be at the higher end of the scale.

But there are many foods that fall between these two. And many people feel that some foods are healthy when they are not.

This article lists six specific foods or food categories to avoid. And all of them are considered by some to be healthy. Learn which ones aren’t really healthy here.

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Soft Drinks Linked to Behavioral Problems in Young Children

Americans buy more soft drinks per capita than people in any other country.

People of all ages drink these. Even very young children get them. But is that a good idea?

A new study scheduled for publication in The Journal of Pediatrics says no. Aggression, attention problems, and withdrawal behavior are all associated with soft drink consumption in young children. And that doesn’t even count the tooth decay problem.

This is one more reason to keep these drinks away from young children. And, of course, to avoid them yourself.

To learn more, see the article you will find here.

Bottom Line
Best New Brain Boosters

Our bodies need specific types of exercise to optimize results—and so do our brains.

Your brain can improve at any age. And your age determines how best to improve it.

For example, if you are age 46 to 65, there are specific ways to improve thinking and memory. These are different than if you are 66 and older. It is also different that for those under 46.

Why? Because as brains age, they have different needs.

This is a good article that give specific information about ways each age group can improve their thinking and memory. I recommend you take a look. You can learn all about it here.

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Biotech Lies About GMO Corn

GMO corn is not what makers claim it is.

For example, the nutrition in the corn is seriously lacking. This finding flies in the face of industry claims that GMO foods are substantially the same as natural foods.

How much less nutrition is there? A report from ProfitPro (a Minnesota-based agricultural company) says non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein compared to GMO corn. That’s a huge difference.

And then there is the toxicity of GMO corn. Most of it is designed to withstand very high levels of specific poisons such as glyphosate (Roundup®). The result is that GMOs have much higher levels of this toxin.

This is all troubling since the GMO industry is fighting tooth and nail to keep us from knowing if we are eating GMOs in our food.

You’ll find the article here.

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