Alternative Medicine News – February 24, 2014

Sucralose Does What?

Sucralose (Splenda®) is toxic in more ways than you might suspect.

The list of problems associated with it keeps growing. For example, it can lead to:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Seizures, dizziness, and migraines
  • Blurred vision
  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood sugar increases and weight gain

That last one is especially ironic. After all don’t people use artificial sweeteners to control weight?

And recent studies show it is even less safe when used in cooking.

There is a lot of emerging information about this. This article on Mercola gives a good overview of the problems. Warning: the article will likely leave a bad taste in your mouth. Learn more here.

Al Sears
To Sleep, Perchance to Heal

Heal your brain, that is.

Why? During sleep your brain clears itself of waste products. It does this in a similar way to how your liver detoxifies.

During sleep, water channels that flow between neurons expand to take away waste and buildup. This may explain why lack of sleep causes your brain to age faster. This may also be part of the mechanism of Alzheimer’s.

The question is, how to get enough sleep?

Dr. Al Sears has several simple suggestions about how to do this. You’ll find the information here.

Reno Acupuncture
Men Lose Quality of Life as They Age

If you are a man over 50, your quality of life may be lower.

For example, you may have less energy. That makes it harder to do as much in life. Or it may limit the extra activities you are used to doing.

Other common problems include less mental focus, lower motivation or reduced sex drive.

Where are you in this process? If you are over 50, you can take a self-assessment test. It’s on my Reno Acupuncture web site. You can take the test by clicking on this link.

Note: I will be giving a one-hour talk in Reno on March 20, 2014 about some rare herbs that increase a man’s quality of life. For more information, click here.

Bottom Line
Dangerous Food Additives That Sound Safe

These days it pays to read labels.

But what do you look for? Modern processed foods have lots of added ingredients. And many of these have names that are misleading.

For example, hydrolyzed vegetable protein.  This additive often hides the neurotoxin MSG. By including the word, “vegetable,” is sounds almost safe. Another example is potassium bromate. It is found in some baked goods. This has been linked to cancer in animals.

For a list of some additives to avoid, and others that are safe, see the article here.

Jonathan Wright
Rosemary And Spearmint Improve Memory And Learning

Mental fog increases with age. It’s no fun.

There are many things you can do to fix this. Two of them are simple herbs you can easily get.

The two, rosemary and spearmint, are loaded with antioxidants. And they not only protect your brain, but they also can reverse oxidative damage.

The studies showing this were done on mice. Those who got rosemary improved scores on three of three tests of learning and memory. Those getting spearmint improved on two tests.

If improving your brain is this simple, is there any reason not to do it? You’ll find the article about this here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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