Alternative Medicine News – December 16, 2013

Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food

If you believe the big agriculture companies, GMO foods will save the world.

Turns out, not so much.

Testing shows that these “frankenfoods” actually have much less nutrition than natural versions of the same food. Here is an example:

  • Calcium: GMO corn = 14 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 6,130 ppm (437 times more)
  • Magnesium: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 113 ppm (56 times more)
  • Manganese: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 14 ppm (7 times more)

Doesn’t seem promising for saving anything, especially health.

Dr. Mercola has more about this on his web site. You will find the information here.

Balance Point
4 Lifestyle Changes Will Protect Heart, Reduce Your Risk Of Death

As a reader of Balance Point, you already know these four things to protect your heart. What’s different is that there is a new study that clearly shows the benefits of these four lifestyle changes for other health issues.

To keep you from the suspense, the four are:

  • healthy diet
  • exercise
  • maintaining normal weight
  • not smoking

I know, you are probably thinking, “Duh! What else is new?”

The new part is that these four things also lower death from all causes. More reason to crank up the New Years’ resolutions in a few weeks.

Learn more about this study here.

How To Avoid GMOs In Your Diet

Thanks to aggressive lobbying and corporate strong-arming, in the U.S., there is no required labeling for GMO foods.

Does that mean you can’t avoid them? Not at all.

This Health Sciences article gives you the 4 most important ways to make sure there are no GMO foods in your diet. And most of them are pretty simple. But you do have to pay some attention.

Learn about what you can do to regain control of what goes into your body here.

Jonathan Wright
Coq10 Reduces Heart Failure Deaths

Want to avoid heart problems? I thought you might.

In addition to the four actions listed in today’s first article, there is one more thing you can do. And it’s easy.

Take CoQ10.

Taking a daily dose of CoQ10 was enough to cut patients risk of dying from heart failure in half. That’s a huge improvement from just one pill.

You can read more about it here.

Your Medical Detective
Can The Shape of Your Earlobe Predict a Heart Attack?

Here’s an interesting article. It points out that many studies show a correlation between having an earlobe crease and getting a heart attack.

How close is the relationship?

In one study, 74% of people with creases had coronary artery disease. 26% did not. By contrast, in those no ear lobe creases, 16% had coronary artery disease. 84% did not.

That’s a big difference. But of course it isn’t the only thing. To learn more about this and see a very good list of the other risk factors, see the article here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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