Alternative Medicine News – December 10, 2012

Waking Times
Do You Really Need To Alkalinize Your Blood?

A lot of natural health folks say disease comes from being acidic.

But is it true? It turns out, not so much.

Your body functions in a relatively narrow range of acid and alkaline. So trying to shove it more alkaline can actually be dangerous.

In fact, it is just as dangerous to be too alkaline as it is to be too acidic. You never hear that from those promoting alkaline diets.

That’s not to say you should drink soda pop. Soda pop is about 10,000 times more acidic than water. But it does mean you might not need to focus on “alkaline foods.”

The issue is further complicated by the fact that the level of acid and alkaline differs from one part of the body to another. On top of that, different Metabolic Types react differently to foods. For one, a food that alkalinizes will acidify the opposite type.

For a good understanding of this issue, I recommend you read an article by Dr. Ben Kim. My wife, Lauren brought this article to my attention. You can get the details on the Waking Times web site here.

Balance Point Blog
14 Foods You Should Never Eat.

Some foods you think are healthy aren’t. And of course, there are some you know you shouldn’t eat, but might not know why.

This article on the Rodale site is a slide-show with commentary. It’s a quick look at some of the worst offenders.

I like slide show presentations. And this one has the added bonus of links to helpful information at the bottom of each comment.

I recommend you take a quick look through the list. You might be surprised at what’s on the list.

Thanks to Judy Persin for bringing this article to my attention. You can read more here.

Wall Street jouirnal
Strength Training for Seniors (Beginners, Too)—No Gym Needed

Exercise is crucial as you age.

But not everyone wants to spend time at the gym. Fortunately you can get outstanding results by spending a little time at home. And since either no or very little equipment is needed, these are available for almost anyone.

What are the benefits?

  • Build muscles to increase strength and balance.
  • Improve bone density.
  • Speed up metabolism.
  • Boost brain power.
  • Increase quality of life.

You can get specific exercises on the Bottom Line Health site. See the article here.

Harvard School of Public Health
Sunscreen May Increase Cancer Risk

For years you’ve heard that you need sunscreen. The reason is, you’ve been told, to prevent cancer.

Well now there is evidence that says otherwise.

Researchers found an ingredient in sunscreen that actually increases the risk of cancer. Wow.

The particular ingredient, zinc oxide, creates free radicals when exposed to sunlight. Free radicals are what cause oxidative stress. This damages cells and is a major cause of cancer.

As usual, the researchers say more research is needed. But for now, it may be a good idea to be cautious about using sunscreen. If you are concerned about cancer, try covering up more or wearing a hat.

And of course sun also provides vitamin D. That means as long as you aren’t getting burned, sunshine is okay.

The Science Daily web site has the details. You’ll find the article here.

Health Freedom Alliance
How Does Love Affect A Child’s Brain?

Childhood neglect causes more than emotional damage.

Want proof? One way is to take images of children’s brains.

That’s exactly what some neurologists have done. They wanted to see if there was any physical difference between the brain of a child raised with love and care and one who was neglected. And did they ever find it.

For one thing, the size of the two brains was dramatically different. And the areas less developed because of neglect were some of the most important ones.

For example, intelligence and empathy are reduced with neglect. And the neglected child will be more likely to become an addict or criminal.

The article is well written and the images alone are worth the trip. You can see it here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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