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If You Get a Heart Attack, Insist on This

And no, it’s not an aspirin.

This short article talks about a simple injection they can give at the ER. It cuts the death rate from heart attack by 63%!

The substance? Magnesium sulfate.

It also decreased arrhythmias by 55%. Arrhythmia is a serious issue following a heart attack.

But the injection didn’t just help at the time. When given at the hospital upon admission, the number of deaths one month later was still 24% less.

There are several other benefits of this procedure. Learn what they are here.

A Surprising Source of Inflammation

Inflammation is a huge problem in modern times.

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease all have an inflammatory component. But there is one biggest source of inflammation in the body. That source is your gut.

But what about your gut? Toxic molecules called superantigens, are produced there by pathogenic bacteria. And most people have a variety of these bacteria in their gut.

You might think of this as a very low-grade infection. That means the amount of toxic exposure is small, but ongoing. This stresses your body and immune system.

Think about it like a slow leak from a faucet. One drop isn’t much, but when it goes on for months, or even years, there is a big loss.

For more, including dietary ways to fight this, see this article.

Bottom Line
Chinese Medicine for Links Between Mind, Emotion, Body Organs and Disease

One important concept of holistic medicine is that everything is connected.

How important is this concept? It is the only way to deal with the complexity of human health. Just biochemically there are 50,000 different things going on.

But physical processes aren’t the only things connected. Your thoughts and emotions affect your health as well. In fact, that affect can go all the way down to your DNA. And it can happen in as little as 2 seconds.

The ancient Chinese knew about the connection between emotions and illness. They saw it as part of the bigger picture of nature. And they observed how all of nature is interrelated. This article is a quick overview of the concept of these interconnections.

I will add that there is much more to this approach than even the article addresses. In my practice, I see these principles changing people’s lives every day.

Check out the article here.

Medical News Today
The Aging Effects Of Toxins In The Environment

Modern life is full of potential exposure to toxins.

Where do these come from? Pretty much everywhere. Some, like cigarette smoke, come through lifestyle. Others are byproducts of daily living. These include chemicals in our homes, clothes (dry cleaning) and the air we breathe.

The effect of these varies. But all of them contribute to aging. The word for such chemicals is gerontogen. They cause oxidative damage and other problems. These problems interfere with the body’s ability to repair itself.

Learn more about this important topic here.

National Center for Policy Analysis
Beware of the Statin Stupor

Balance Point readers know I’m no fan of statins. And there are good reasons.

Most of the reasons to question their use have to do with side effects. A significant number of people taking them have problems. These include muscle pain and weakness. They also include possible kidney failure.

They also increase your chance of diabetes. At the same time they reduce the vital nutrient, CoQ10. Ironically, CoQ10 protects the heart.

Another reason is that they don’t do what they claim. They do not significantly lower your chance of dying from a heart attack or heart disease. Read that again. That’s not how you’ve seen them advertised, is it?

Oh, yes, statins also contribute to “brain fog.” This includes memory loss and confusion. It’s a kind of statin stupor.

Dr. Allan Spreen, MD gives you the scoop. You will find the article here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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