Alternative Medicine News – August 25, 2014

Jonathan Wright
To Maintain Strong Muscles With Protein, Timing Is Crucial

If you are older than 50, you may have noticed your muscles aren’t as strong as they once were.

You could chalk it up to aging. And as you know aging beats dying.

However there are ways to insure your muscles are stronger. One of them is by timing your protein intake.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

This article by Dr. Jonathan Wright gives you the information. He points out that your body uses protein best if you get it in the morning. That’s the opposite of what most people do. As he says, “Cereal, sandwich, steak. Sound familiar?”

Learn why and how you can get 25% more protein in your muscles by timing when you eat it. The whole story is here.

Health Freedoms
Woman Drinks 3 Liters Of Water Daily with Surprising Results!

The stats are bad. Only one in five people drink enough water.

Why is this a big deal? UK resident Sarah Smith found out why.

At 42 years old she decided to follow doctor’s advice and increase her water intake. She experimented with 3 liters (just over 5 pints) a day. The experiment lasted a month.

She was quite surprised at the result. After one week her constipation was better. Her headaches disappeared. Morning joint stiffness improved.

Each following week she saw even more improvement. Cellulite vanished. Complexion cleared. Her stomach was flatter.

All this from increasing water.

See the details of all her changes, including before and after pictures here.

Al Sears
Give Your Telomeres – And Yourself – New Life

Telomeres have a lot to do with your life span.

Regular readers know that they control how your DNA operates. And the longer they are, the better. When they get too short, it causes cell damage. That puts you at greater risk for many chronic diseases.

An example shown in this article is about heart disease. Telomeres just a little shorter gives you a 320% greater risk of heart attack. It’s even greater if they are very short.

The good news is that you can reverse this. One important way is to lower homocysteine. High levels triple how fast your telomeres shorten.

Dr. Sears talks about one of the nutrients that lowers homocysteine, folate. There are two others. The other two are B6 and B12. Find out more about folate and where to get it here.

Bottom Line
Fun Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

This is a different sort of article.

Why? Because it gives a short intro and then links to 7 other articles.

Here are the titles of the seven:

  • Just 10 Hours of Brain Training Gives 10 Years of Benefits.

  • Best New Brain Boosters.

  • Learn a Word a Day and Other Little Ways to Add Healthy Years to Your Life.

  • Use Einstein’s Tricks to Maximize Your Brain.

  • Anywhere Brain Boosters.

  • Babysitting Helps Your Brain.

  • 8 New Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit and Fight Dementia

So you get to pick the topics most interesting to you. All are pretty good.

Learn more here.

Rodale Press
New GMO Threat

You may know that GMO crops have many problems.

For example, when you change the genetics of a plant there can be unintended consequences. For example, some studies have shown increases in cancer from GMO foods.

Another problem is that growers often have to use increasing amounts of weed killer on these crops. That’s because the weeds adapt to the weed killer. And since weed killer is toxic to humans, that’s a problem.

It’s such a problem, that companies are coming up with more and more toxic weed killers. Can you see the problem here?

The latest toxic week killer is called Enlist. It contains one of the most toxic ingredients from the infamous Agent Orange. You probably remember that when Agent Orange was used in Vietnam it caused serious health problems.

Now Dow Chemical wants to combine this deadly weed killer with the main ingredient in Roundup. Roundup has its own list of health damaging effects. Imagine what the combo will do.

Find our more here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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