Alternative Medicine News – April 15, 2013

Drug Companies Hide Trial Results, Putting Patients And Doctors In The Dark

Like many people, you may have the idea that the FDA protects us from dangerous drugs. Sadly, not so much.

The reason is that most drugs are tested by the companies that make them. And the FDA gets its information from these companies.

Do you see the problem? The technical name for this is conflict of interest. It’s like the fox guarding the hen house.

As it turns out, drug companies only report about half their results. Do you want to guess which half? Yep. It’s the half that makes the drug look good.

Along the way, many side effects and adverse reactions get hidden. Yeah, what could go wrong with that?

The other conflict of interest is that the FDA is staffed by former and future drug company employees. And, they get their funding from payments from drug companies.

Even attempts to reform the process have turned into a joke. Nobody takes them seriously. But the effects of dangerous drugs on the population is definitely serious.

HSI has an entertaining look at this regulatory disaster. Find the info here.

Bottom Line Health
Natural Cures for Arthritis

Most readers of Balance Point prefer natural remedies. Presumably that includes you.

If so, you’ll be happy to learn that research supports the effectiveness of some natural remedies for joint pain.

Some may be familiar to you. But there may be others you haven’t heard of.

Here’s the quick list:

  • Curcumin
  • Fish oil
  • Ginger root
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation

For details about the research on each, see the article on Bottom Line. You’ll also get how to use them. You’ll find everything here.

Activist Post
Aspartame in Milk Without a Label? Big Dairy Petitions FDA For Approval

Aspartame is toxic. It is the single most reported substance for adverse reactions.

But now, big dairy is trying to get permission to add it to milk. Fine, you say? You’ll just avoid those products with it?

The rub is that they want to be able to add it without putting it on the label.

That brings up two questions:

  1. Why do they want to add it in the first place?
  2. Why don’t they want people to know about it?

Seems pretty fishy to me.

Want a good laugh? They are claiming that adding this poison to milk will promote healthy eating. They also claim it will encourage school children to eat better.

Poison as a health food. Now I’ve heard everything!

Get the scoop here.

Green Med Info
Insulin Doubles Death Rate in Type 2 Diabetics

Insulin is a standard treatment for diabetics. This includes type 2 (adult onset) diabetics.

But does it help?

New research indicates not. People with type 2 have more than twice the death rate as those who don’t take insulin.

The study compared 5 different diabetic medications. Insulin was by far the worst for mortality. Metformin was the best.

Here’s a snippet of detail from the article. This is about type 2 diabetics just taking insulin:

  • 2.0 times more myocardial infarctions.
  • 1.7 time more major adverse cardiac events.
  • 1.4 time more strokes.
  • 3.5 times more renal complications.
  • 2.1 time more neuropathy.
  • 1.2 times more eye complications.
  • 1.4 times more cancer.
  • 2.2 times more deaths.

This article on Green Med Info has the exact details. Read it here.

Primal Force
Franken Foods Free To Attack You

The GMO controversy rages on.

At the the very least, most people agree that we should have the right to know if we are eating them. But the companies making them want more. They want total control over the food supply. And they don’t want you to know what you are eating.

Are you as uncomfortable as I am about this idea?

Already these companies are attacking farmers for growing their crops. This is true even if the wind blew pollen onto the field from elsewhere.

They are also spending megabucks trying to stop state initiatives to force GMO labeling.

Al sears has written a downloadable book about all this. But you don’t have to buy it to get the basics. He gives you four good ways to avoid GMOs if you choos.

This is a great article that gives you lots of details. I recommend you read it here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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