Alternative Medicine News – April 1, 2013

Bottom Line
The Ultimate Alzheimer’s-Fighting Diet

Food is medicine.

That means if you eat the right foods, you will be healthier. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?

But beyond this statement is the idea that we each have ideal foods for our unique body needs. That’s why I like Metabolic Typing® to sort out the right foods. You can do a search on the blog for this and learn more.

But there are general guidelines that apply to pretty much anyone. For example, Alzheimer’s is caused, in part, by oxidative stress. So it makes sense to reduce free radical damage. And there are foods that do this very well.

This article has a good list. The general categories include specific vegetables. These are mostly dark green ones. Also there are some very potent spices. Turmeric is one of them.

You might be surprised to find that generally fruit doesn’t lower oxidation. The exception to this is blueberries and other berry-like fruits.

There are a couple of other good suggestions in the Bottom Line article. You’ll find the info here.

Al Sears
You’d Call Me Crazy

This is an amusing article by Dr. Al Sears about prostate health.

In it, he compares removing the prostate to cutting off an ear that has an infection. If your doctor recommended such a thing you’d run the other way.

But what else is there besides surgery? It turns out, a lot.

The article has details about natural ways to treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy). His favorite substance is beta sitosterol.

You can take this as a supplement. You can also get it in foods. He gives you a list of these in the article. He also lists other substances that work together with it for better prostate health.

You’ll find the information here.

Natural Standard
Acupuncture May Reduce Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Patients

The method of modern science is to attempt to isolate variables and from that find what works. I can see the value of that for many things. It is especially valuable for physical sciences like engineering, etc.

However when the variables are more complex it is harder to pin down exactly what made the difference.

This is especially true when dealing with complex issues like human health. That’s why I always take studies like this one with a grain of salt. They almost always end with a statement like, “More research needs to be done.” This one is no exception.

However, I find it encouraging that researchers are at least exploring the ancient art of acupuncture in earnest. That’s why I include this type of study in the newsletter from time to time.

One thing I would ask you to remember when you read articles like the one liked below. Each person is unique. The approach that works best for one, won’t work best for another. That’s why you are best off getting treatment from someone with a great deal of experience.

That being said, you can read this short article here.

Biotech Industry Increases Propaganda Plans

One of the oldest propaganda ideas is still with us. It uses someone who used to oppose an idea, but who had a change of mind. That person becomes a spokesman for the idea.

That’s one of the techniques modern biotech companies are using to try and get the public on their side. It looks good on the surface. It lends the appearance of an objective viewpoint.

There are also front groups promoting GMO foods. They work hard to appear objective. However at this point, you can assume any person or group that supports GMOs has been bought and paid for by the massive biotech industry.

This article talks about this trend. It names names. Even better, it exposes the lies behind the so-called experts.

Get the low down here.

Waking Times
Secrets To Better Sleep

I almost didn’t include this article in the newsletter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great piece. But there is an annoying pop-up that you might see when you go there. It’s easy enough to bypass, so I’m including the article. Just so you know.

You’ll read about numerous studies showing the damage lack of sleep can cause. These include the same amount of brain fog caused by being drunk. It also increases the chance of getting a cold.

But more seriously, insomnia can lead to diseases. Which ones? How about diabetes, stroke, heart disease.

This article is well-written and informative. Once you get past the pop-up it’s worth the trip. You can read it here.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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