Alternative Herbal Remedies For Pain Relief

Alternative Herbal Remedies

Alternative Herbal Remedies (photo – Wikimedia Commons)

Among all the uses for alternative herbal remedies, pain relief ranks right near the top.

Whether pain comes from injury, inflammation or tension, there’s an herb that will help. Obviously, you should rule out life-threatening causes of pain before you use herbal medicine.

Which Alternative Herbal Remedies for Pain Are Best?

It depends on the type of pain.

For example, if you have inflammation, ginger can help. It helps relieve nausea, arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle soreness. And you can use it internally or as a compress.

A great thing about ginger is that it has thousands of years of safe use. Compare that to pain killing drugs. The drugs have a history of causing all kinds of problems.

Here’s a recent Balance Point article with more on ginger for pain relief.

Another herbal choice for inflammation is turmeric. In fact, turmeric has many wonderful healing qualities. It is also an anti-oxidant, fights cancer, improves digestion and protects the liver. Wow! That’s a lot. Here is a whole article on just turmeric.

Another herbal standby for pain is white willow bark. The Latin name for willow is salix. It is the original source of salicylic acid. Later this was synthesized into aspirin.

You can get willow bark at most health food stores or online.

Another way to treat pain naturally is with topical oils. Among the best are camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, fennel, and wintergreen.

You can buy these oils by themselves, or in combination. Again, your health food store or local herb store should have them. If not, you can certainly find them online.

Alternative herbal remedies can be a useful addition to your healthcare supplies.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

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