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Here’s an alternative health story I bet you haven’t heard.

It’s about heart and circulatory health. You already know about the more common risk factors. They include elevated CRP (C-reactive protein), insulin & homocysteine. For now, we can leave aside the issue of cholesterol. The most recent research shows it is not a heart risk factor.

But there is a new, more potent risk marker. It is called ADMA. That stands for asymmetrical dimethyl arginine.

The reason that high ADMA is a problem has to do with its effect on nitric oxide (NO). It suppresses it.

Why is this an issue? It’s simple – NO keeps blood vessels open. In other words, it is a vasodilator. When AMDA is high, NO is low.

This has significant effects on health. Here is a list from Functional Medicine University that describes the effects of low NO:

When nitric oxide is low because of too much inhibitor, you turn off NO and get high blood pressure, coronary and carotid (heart and neck arteries) arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, kidney problems, brain problems with loss of good mood and memory, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure and much more.

In fact in one study, when people were just at the top of the normal level of ADMA, they had four times the average amount of heart attacks. And if they were over the top of normal, they had 27-fold increased risk (Valkonen).

Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it?

Is There An Alternative Health Way To Lower ADMA?

Fortunately, you can counter high levels of AMDA naturally. The way to do this is with an amino acid, L-arginine.

Just how effective is it? Here is what the folks at FMU say about it:

It reverses the inhibition of nitric oxide and actually causes vasodilatation.

As well, arginine is a potent blood thinner, keeping platelets from clumping together abnormally. It has rescued folks with congestive heart failure and improved their blood flow, allowed them to walk distances without leg pain (claudication), and improved heart function in general.

That means one protein is useful for reducing heart risk. And it should also help the other problems low NO causes.

Sounds like a simple alternative health fix to me.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

Dr. Bruce

P.S. – You should be able to easily find L-arginine. Most health food stores carry it. And it is easy to find online. Just make sure it comes from a trusted source. My favorite online source is Pure Encapsulations.

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