Acupuncture & Muscle Pain

Acupuncture is best known in the Western world for its use in relieving pain.

One type of pain that responds very well to acupuncture is muscle pain. This is the kind of pain that happens from over-use, lack of use, or repetitive motion (for example on the job).

In other words, it’s good for just about every type of muscle pain. Here are a couple of examples…

I have a patient who is relatively young, very fit and athletic. He works out regularly and plays sports. He also has a history of being in a severe accident a number of years ago.

As a result of all these factors, he periodically has sore, tight muscles.

Recently he came in with a shoulder problem. There was a specific muscle on the left back part of his shoulder that was giving him problems when he did certain movements.

We started by locating and identifying the exact muscle involved. The treatment was doing acupuncture at three points along the muscle and running a mild, microcurrent electrical pulse between the two end points for about 20 minutes.

The result? The problem vanished.

Of course muscle aches and pains aren’t exclusive to athletes. Another patient this past week came in with a chronic, tense muscle in his hip area. It had been there for over a year. This patient isn’t as active, although his work requires a fair amount of kneeling. He’s in his late 50’s.

The treatment was again locating the muscles holding the tension and doing acupuncture in the affected areas. We also ran the mild microcurrent directly through two pairs of needles in the area.

After the treatment, the tension was more than 50% better.

As you might guess from the above examples, muscle tension responds well to the combination of acupuncture and mild microcurrent stimulus. This is a gentle, effective way to help tense muscles relax and reset them back to normal, healthy functioning.

If you or someone you know has this type of pain, I recommend this type of treatment. Not everyone who practices acupuncture does it, but if you ask, they should tell you whether they use it or not. The key is whether or not they use “microcurrent” stimulus. Most electrical stimulus done with acupuncture needles uses milliamp current, which is has a different effect.

And of course, if you’re near the Reno area, I’m happy to speak with you about this type of treatment. The best way to reach me is by using this contact form.

All the best to you for your health and happiness,

Dr. Bruce

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