Acupuncture for Weight Loss – Does It Work?

Acupuncture for Weight Loss
Acupuncture for Weight Loss

One of the most common questions I get is about acupuncture for weight loss. People want to know if it works. And if it works, how?

First, it is important to know that acupuncture doesn’t work in a vacuum. In other words, there are other influences. You can’t expect acupuncture to make up for eating 5,000 calories and not exercising.

And, of course, what you eat counts. Eating processed junk food won’t get you there either.

That being said, the answer to the question is, yes. Acupuncture is helpful for weight loss.

There are a few reasons why. The most basic is that acupuncture helps your body balance itself. And with balance, everything works better. That includes metabolism. Healthy, strong metabolic processes help normalize weight.

Another reason is that acupuncture relieves stress. For many people, stress is a big part of weight gain. When stress is better, weight comes off more easily.

Along with balance and stress relief, acupuncture can help increase energy. When you have more energy, you are more active. More activity equals less weight.

So in many ways, this ancient art supports healthy weight. But what is the process like?

The Process of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

When you start treatment, the acupuncturist will take your health history. You will also get a tongue and pulse assessment. Between these and answering any questions, you will have a diagnosis. That will determine how the treatment goes.

There will be more than one visit. At each appointment, you will have very fine, hair-like needles placed in specific points. These points will be unique to you. They will be based on the deep underlying patterns affecting your health.

During the treatment, you will feel relaxed. You may also feel energized. Afterwards you can go about your normal day.

As with most natural treatments, changes happen gradually. Even so, you can expect to see changes starting as soon as the first visit.

So long as you are eating well and getting enough exercise, using acupuncture for weight loss can really help speed the process.

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