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Acupuncture Alleviates 20 Years of Foot Pain in One Visit

The most common idea people have about acupuncture is using it for pain relief. In my 39 years practicing Oriental Medicine, I’d have to agree that it can be very effective for that. But sometimes the results surprise even me.

The most common idea people have about acupuncture is using it for pain relief. In my 39 years practicing Oriental Medicine, I’d have to agree that it can be very effective for that. But sometimes the results surprise even me.

Most recently, I had a new patient come in for relief of pain caused by Morton’s neuromas. These are growths and swelling around nerves in the feet. They can be quite painful, particularly when walking a lot.

This patient had been in pain with these neuromas for 20 years. In addition, his job required constant walking. Someone he knew had recommended acupuncture since nothing else had helped in all that time.

As always, I did a complete intake, asking him about his health history, doing a physical exam, etc. After all that we quickly got to the treatment.

If you counted all the possible points in the body to treat, you’d find there are 2,000 acupuncture points. That can make determining the right points to treat challenging. Fortunately, over the past several thousand years, much practical knowledge has been handed down by experienced acupuncture doctors.

In this case, I started by pressing on points with my thumb and asking him if he noticed any relief from the pain. You might be surprised to know that I started by pressing points in his hands. This approach is based on the idea that areas of the body can be used to treat similar areas (hands and feet have many similarities). He reported noticeable relief from pressing these hand points.

Because of his response, I focused the treatment around these points. When the treatment was finished, he stood up and was quite surprised to find there was no pain in his feet.

This is a great response to a treatment, however it’s always better to confirm that we’ve made progress by giving the treatment a few days to work through the body. So I sent him home with instructions to notice how things went over the course of the next few days.

Three days later we met again. He’d had no pain during those three days, in spite of two shifts of walking at work and playing golf! It was very encouraging.

We scheduled the next treatment for the following week. Sometimes giving more time between treatments will uncover hidden biorhythms in which the problem returns. But in his case this didn’t happen. He had another week without pain, even though he did all his usual activities. In fact, he started jogging again, something he’d been unable to do because of his foot pain.

Now, a month after his initial treatment, he is still without pain. What’s remarkable about this case is that the pain vanished after only one treatment and hasn’t returned at all.

Each person is different, and each person will have a different response to acupuncture. In addition, there are situations in which no amount of acupuncture will make a difference. Still, as this case demonstrates, for many conditions acupuncture can be an outstanding, non-drug treatment for getting lasting relief.

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E² Acupuncture Science
Any skeletal muscle pain can be easily cured by Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture.

For 4,610 years (2600BC), Yellow Explorer’s time. Until now acupuncturist continues this ancient TCM practice to eliminating all diseases (trying). All the main hospitals of China use this to treat most patients as busy as KFC fast food.

Acupuncture treatment will has needling sensation effect for first few days. This called “DE Qi/Chi” (Arrival of Oxy’Blood—needling sensation). it must be achieved so that Yin & Yang(Negative and Positive energy) can be balanced and body’s immune system has strengthens, else diseases can’t be eliminated. The fundamental manipulating techniques are Lifting and thrusting & Twirling or rotating. TCM Acupuncture therapeutic works and easily cures muscular pain if apply correctly.

Beside sciatica(more trials needed), all others skeletal muscle pains are not recorded in TCM text therefore no “Acupoints(???)” can be provided to any acupuncturist as that they need to advancing the practice and pick the right AcuPoints.

Be respectful, Acupuncture is not a device or voodoo magic, it does not release any things (certainly not endorphins, inflammation, etc, ..) or anti-inflammatory agents. Please do not be mislead. It is a marvelous 4,610+ years old, micro surgical tool, etc, .

“An acupuncture is bad science”. not much can be expected in 4,610 years ago, good science & resources only available from 1850AD such great scientists: Heinrich Hertz (1887) & Albert Einstein (1905).
Since 2005 E² Acupuncture has added a new chapter of modem acupuncture science. which has scientific proven, formulated, verified and even dispelling the amount of excessive Yins/-Toxin can be calculated. Treatment uses single new save disposal and painless micro-needle insertion to proper “Acupoints(??)” and has no side effects, least risk mainly due to accident same as any treatments. No Lifting and thrusting & Twirling or rotating manipulating needed so that patient cans comfortably having a cup of tea/coffee.

Acupuncturist must fully understood the Five Elements(五行), Five Changes(五变) and Five Shu/Transports(五输/通) Yin & Yang balance principles. if any one treated by 5 X 30 minutes in 2 weeks and has no relief by 4 weeks, please discontinues and shop around.

I have my Plantar fasciitis cured twice by my own EE Acupuncture, last cured was on march/2011 since then pain remains free and no sign of coming back. (EE: Eliminates Excessive Yins/-Toxin/Electrons)

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Sciatica update (loc: buttock & 5 inches down, 2 spots).
treated on 30th/10/2011.
12 days after and feedback:

“Been feeling the slight tenderness in the area where the needle were inserted. Felt my legs is tired but not the numbness.” (50% pain relief, 100% no numbness)

5 weeks Later (email on 4th/11/2011):
“Seems to be fine, slight tenderness but definitely better than before” (now 90% cure)

why pain relief if it can be so easily cured.
and the cost of curing it is so much less then a pair of PF shoes and not to mention others, .


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