There’s an old saying in Chinese Medicine, “Big illness, long life.”

I wondered for a long time what that meant. Then, around age 48, after 30  years of studying and practicing Chinese Medicine, I found out.

At that time I was struggling with multiple health problems. I had chronic pain in my joints and on the bottoms of my feet. I was fuzzy-headed and had a hard time recalling things. I was overweight, cranky and irritable.

In short, my quality of life was down the tubes…

Understand that I hadn’t given up. I’d done research and tried pretty much every herb, vitamin, mineral and natural supplement I could find that might reverse my symptoms. By the time I was 48 I’d spent 3 years looking for the ‘magic bullet’ answer that would fix what was ailing me.

For all I know those experiments slowed the process down, but they never turned it around. I was increasingly uncomfortable and unhappy.

Finally, in desperation I traveled 2 hours from my home town to a doctor who was highly thought of in the area. He ordered over $1,000 worth of lab tests and sent me home.

When we got the results I went back to see him. His message was simple. He said, “Change how you’re eating now or plan on being a cripple sometime in the near future.” He told me I’d probably end up in a wheelchair within 10 years if I didn’t make the change.


As it turns out, that was exactly the motivation I needed to change my eating habits. Prior to his saying that I thought I was eating well, but as it turned out, nothing could have been further from the truth.

At that time William Wolcott had just released his book, “The Metabolic Typing® Diet.” At my doctor’s recommendation I hunted down a copy and devoured it. I took the basic test in the book and discovered that I was what is referred to in the book as a ‘protein type.’ Following the recommendations in the book I immediately changed my diet.

The results were almost immediate.

Within a month my chronic pain was reduced by 30%. My brain started working better and my emotions became more resilient. My energy level steadily improved.

All from simply changing how I was eating.

Because I was so ill, it still took 18 months to completely heal. By then I had no pain at all, my thinking was clearer, my emotional responses were hugely improved. I had worked my way up to lifting 220 pound weights and had energy to spare.

As I write this it’s 12 years later. I still have more energy and feel better than I have in my entire life. And I still pay close attention to the foods I eat and my body’s responses to them.

In the interim I’ve been certified to offer Metabolic Typing® and have used the process with hundreds of patients. For those who were serious about getting well and who follow the program their results have been equally impressive.

And as powerful as eating the right foods can be, I’ve also seen clearly that it’s not the only factor for health. Once someone is eating correctly for their unique needs, there may be other issues to address. These might include food sensitivities, toxins in the body, adrenal fatigue, immune issues, clogged detoxification pathways, etc.

Fortunately, there are are powerful and effective natural ways to correct these problems as well.

At this point I think I better understand the true meaning of the old Chinese saying about big illness leading to long life. I share all of this with you not because it matters what I’ve gone through, but because I want you to know that there’s hope. No matter how sick and tired and in pain you might be, there’s always hope.

And with the right direction, that big illness really can turn into a long life…