3 Simple Ways To Live A Longer, Happier Life

If your 40th birthday is only a memory, you may be experiencing more of the unwanted effects of aging.

Many of my patients tell me about symptoms they describe as “getting older.” These can include fatigue and pain (joint pain or general body aches), poor sleep, lower libido, decreased ability to focus mentally or recall things and even crankiness or depression.

No wonder some people talk about old age with a sense of dread!

Of course the only alternative to getting older is death, so it makes sense to pay attention to ways you can increase your quality of life now. Doing so sets you up for a longer, happier life in the years to come. It also has the added bonus of making your life better starting right now.

3 Easy Longevity Steps

Based on the latest research, here are three things you can do right now that will support living (and enjoying) a longer, healthier life.

1. Trigger your body’s production of sirtuins.

Sirtuins are a class of proteins implicated in extending life, repairing DNA and helping the body adapt to stress more effectively.

There are two proven ways to stimulate sirtuin production. The first is calorie restriction. In other words, eating less.

The second way is to take the supplement, resveratrol. You’ve read about this amazing nutrient in past articles, one of which you can see by clicking the link.

2. Exercise appropriately for your fitness level.

Exercise can be intensive or gentle. In both cases you get benefits including stress reduction and mental rejuvenation.

For example, short burst interval training is one of the best ways for increasing cardiovascular health and lung capacity. I like the PACE program created by Dr. Al Sears for this. It’s an excellent system that gets you back in shape in about 15 minutes a day.

Resistance training is also really good. Weight training and body weight exercises strengthen muscles and bones while providing a host of other anti-aging benefits.

Finally, just plain walking is an outstanding way to stay in shape. It moves all parts of your body, increases circulation and promotes healthy digestion and elimination. And if you walk outdoors, you also get a healthy dose of vitamin D producing sunshine. Yoga and qigong are also excellent gentle ways to get the benefits of exercise.

3. Keep your mind sharp.

Just as with your body, your mind gets better with practice. It’s a great example of “use it or lose it” in action.

Here’s a short list of useful ways to keep your brain in good shape:

  • Take up a challenging hobby such as playing an instrument, building scale replica models or learning a new language.
  • Have new experiences. Travel, go see live theater, volunteer for a cause you believe in.
  • Change your daily routines. For example, practice brushing your teeth with the other hand, walk backwards on a flat surface (carpeting is best…) or get dressed with your eyes closed.

Even small steps you take now will give you big rewards down the line. If you add activities gradually, you’ll find that you start feeling better before you know it.


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